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Hammond BGR-79 Microgauge

The Hammond Glider Trim-o-Saw

Micro-Gauge Adjustments


Models BGR78, G-4, G-100
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Hammond BGR-79 Microgauge
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One Great Feature of 
the Classic Hammond Glider Trim-o-Saw is the precision side guide. The Micro-adjusable side gauge can give you a reproducible precision cut within 1/72 of an inch - easily, although it is capable of giving you 1/144" of an inch accuracy as well.

It's so darned accurate, that the thickness of the blade - or swage of its teeth (if using a swaged blade) - have to be accounted for - and can be... Easily.

Just how easy? Well, you decide. In the meantime, take a look at the photos below that point out specific things to look for...

Hammond BGR-79 Microgauge
Hammond BGR-79 Microgauge
PHOTO 1 The Hammond Glider Micro Gauge Adjustable Side Guide. When the large brass thumb plate is depressed, the half-nut is released and the guide can be slid left or right - or raised up and off of the guide rail.... When the thumb plate is released, the guide snaps into place at the current pica. Then the points can be selected using the gauge shown in PHOTO 8
Once the gauge is set, it can be locked into place by swinging up the small lever to the left of the thumb plate. (Just be sure to release it before trying to change the setting.)
PHOTO 2 The magic happens here - with many subtle adjustments available...
The pointer can be seen on top right - and pointing to the rail scale in the preceding photo. The half-nut is that big brass piece in the center. The thumb plate and locking lever can be see on the front (to the left in the photo).
Hammond BGR-79 Microgauge Hammond BGR-79 Microgauge
PHOTO 3 These Brass Pads apply adjustable pressure to the slide rail to make it slide smoothly and keep it tight, but still removable. The center one locks the guide in place once a measure is set.
PHOTO 4 The two outside "slider" brass pads are adjusted using these two screws on the outside of the unit. The locking pad is adjusted using screw in the lever - and locked into place using the set screw on the side of the lever.
Hammond BGR-79 Microgauge Hammond BGR-79 Microgauge
PHOTO 5 These two little set screws hold the half-nut adjusting screws from moving
PHOTO 6 This screw - one of the "half nut adjusting screws", plus another on the opposite side - can be adjusted to move the half-nut back and forth to set the pointer to the pica length - quite a bit of adjustment available here.
Hammond BGR-79 Microgauge Hammond BGR-79 Microgauge
PHOTO 7 The Half-Nut can be moved left and right to align the gauge to the pointers using the large screws on the sides; then can be locked into place by the set screws on top.. This must be done with the guide installed on the rail, but the set screws left loose as you adjust the two screws to align the pointer.
PHOTO 8 When all else is done, the set screw shown here can release the clicking dial gauge to be twisted to zero and then locked into place. 1 point accuracy - at any length up to 78 Picas - about 13 inches. Half points can be selected as well for 1/144" accuracy....
To test my adjustments, I did some really extreme cutting.... First, I cut some 18 point slugs to 1.5 picas - 18 points - one at a time - to make 18 point em quads.... It worked. I lined up 8 of them and they mic'd out at 12 picas - exactly. I actually cut some perfectly usable 18 point em quads on my saw...

Then I cut some 4.5 pica slugs to make 3-em quads, lined up a bunch of them and, the total aligned perfectly with the gauge settings. I cut some 6 pica slugs and lined up five of them to fill precisely 30 picas. Every cut passed the test - to 1/144" inch accuracy and better, but beyond my scope to measure... And I did it over and over again with the same reliable results...

You really can't get that accurate with any other commercially available saw that I know of...

Next photo-essay under development: Servicing Challenge High-Speed Quoins - cleaning, lubricating, dis-assembly, "what's going on inside"...

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