Printing Presses & Equipment
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$Best offer - ($[value] value)
Presses in various conditions.
Some may need to be partially DISASSEMBLED to be removed  if in a basement.]

From time to time, folks contact us for help in finding a new home for their - or likely their father's or husband's - old printing press.

While we do sometimes buy and resell presses, we cannot handle all of the inquiries we receive and instead offer to help them sell their press - hopefully to someone local to their area.

Below are links to pages for presses made available over recent years, as well as some which may be currently available:


2 - C&P Platen Presses
Dec 5 2016
9x13 Kelsey Excelsior
New Jersey Sep 10 2016 2016.0910-9x13inNJ avail.
Complete Shop
Rhode Island Sep 1 2016 2016.0901-SHOP.in.RI sold
Vandercook SP-15
New Jersey Sep 14 2016 2016.0930-Vandercook_SP15inNJ sold
8x12 C&P New Jersey
Aug 1 2016 2016.0801-8x12inVA avail.
10x15 C&P Virginia Jun 7 2016 2016.0607-10x15inVA gone
8x12 C&P - SHOP
Long Island
Jun 24 2015 RalphMaresca sold
8x12 C&P - SHOP
Jan 30 2014 JohnReid sold
Golding Official
Ohio Dec 19 2013 JohnHult sold
Vandercook, Ludlow, etc. Mass
Aug 21 2013 NicoleMonforti sold
C&P Press & Type
New Jersey
Apr 9 2013 RichWichner sold
Misc Equipment
New Jersey Feb 15 2013 DarbyLitho
C&P & Cutter
May 29 2012 DanTruglia
Complete Newspaper Shop
New Jersey Jul 25 2011 GarfieldMessenger gone
Colt Platen Press
Connecticut Jun 20 2011 ColtinCT
2 C&P Platen Presses
Virginia Mar 25 2011 Dan_Norfolk
6x10 Kelsey Excelsior
California Sep 9 2010 DottieCronin6x10
Galley Proof Press
New Jersey Oct 30 2009 martin.rauchwerk sold
Complete Letterpress Shop
Florida Jun 4 2009 RonRobertson
Vandercook Model 14 Proof Press
Oct 27 2008 virgina.stewart sold
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Press appears to be in very good to excellent condition

Press is as-is in [location]
Needs oil, rollers and a bit of tlc.

  • Press is located in
  • Has not been used in [years] years - requires cleaning, oiling, new rollers & tlc.
  • Includes [features]

Pleasecontact us

to make an offer and discuss moving of this press

I would be available to travel to [location] for one day, for a fee of $250, to disassemble this press in place.

For an additional $100, I can either meet with buyer and advise on/supervise loading onto a U-Haul 5x8 ramp trailer, or document each step of dis-assembly and post details online.

Dis-assembly, removal, moving & reassembly & setup value approx. $1500
(by an experienced letterpress mechanic & shop mover)
plus $1.50 mile over 30 miles from [location]