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January 8, 2019 -

Well, so it begins.
Another year begins at The Excelsior Press Museum Print Shop.

But this year won't be like last year - not so much is likely to happen this year. Due to extenuating circumstances and family commitments and obligations, I have had to make a decision between my family's needs and those of the Letterpress Community.

As you might have guessed, the family won out. Accordingly, I am cutting back my "shop hours" to a great extent. And, although I will complete current projects, keep existing promises and ship parts and supplies for which orders have already been placed, I will be avoiding - as much as possible - any new projects.

I already have 6 presses in the process of restoration and a number of orders of type cases and cabinets to ship and many ink rollers to cast, but beyond that - and hopefully restocking some of the "Things we make here", please don't expect me to be able to respond - even to simple inquiries - as quickly as I would like.

This may change as time goes on, so be assured. I am "OK" - just overwhelmed with a variety of things which need my attention at this time. As my time frees up, I will be back in the shop, printing, making parts, restoring presses and filling orders for supplies. - and I will happily post announcements here.

- Alan

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