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This web site has grown without much serious planning since it was begun almost 20 years ago. We have been busy.... But I guess it's time to improve navigation as they say, so here's an attempt at a usable directory...

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  • To find parts or supplies for a press you already have
    • Small Press Starter Kits
    • Typesetting Starter Kits
    • Kelsey Excelsior Press Parts
    • The Excelsior Chase-Base
    •  Ben Franklin Wooden Composing Stick Reproduction
  • To Repair or Restore your own press - how we do it
    • Animation of restored press being re-assembled.

  • To contact Alan Runfeldt or one of our friends
  • Other ___________________________________________
  • Web site search 

Note: while we are updating our links to these new directories, the old "index.inner.html" page will continue to offer all of our local links and some external links as well.


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