equipment in use at the Excelsior Press

Letterpress supplies and equipment available from
Dave Churchman
Indianapolis, Indiana
317 849-5665
KELSEY: grippers for 3x5, 5x8 and 6x10 presses, roller trucks and cores for these 3 sizes. 

C&P PILOT:  Grippers, gripper bars, gripper springs, gripper spring clamps, interior Yoke Springs, roller cores and roller trucks. 

We also have a number of "parts machines"--both Kelsey and Pilot so can often help with larger parts.  Also have a number of parts for 8x12 and 10x15 floor model C&Ps, including, grippers, chases, roller springs, Redington counters, as well as larger used parts from "parts presses." 

Other items carried in stock include:
Lollipop roller-setting gauges for Vandercooks (both .918 and .968), pocket type-hi gauges, Megill gauge pins, used chases for Kluges, Windmills, Miehle Verticals, etc., stainless steel line gauges in 6-7-12-18-and-24" lengths (Gaebel Mfg Co--the best and no longer available). 

We sell new cutter blades and plastic cutter sticks (Jawhawk) at attractive discounts, as well as small Kluge parts, all manner of rubber suckers, wash-up gloves, wood drill blocks, paper drill bits, used quoins/keys, 2 pt. steel perf, score and cutting rule, creasing matrix (Shreiner), loupes, and all products sold by Lassco-Wizer and General Equipment, as well as American Printing Equipment. 

We don't make leads/slugs/rule but have a very large inventory of the more popular items. We can send catalogs of some of the mfgs we represent if desired.   

As for Sterling Type Fonts, we try to maintain good stocks on the regular sellers (weak on some of the outdated ad cuts).  Have no good repro-quality artwork at hand, sorry. 

We have perhaps 3500/4000 fonts of handset type on hand.  More coming in all the time.  No lists but will accept 'wish lists' and do a search.    

Dave Churchman
Indianapolis, Indiana
317 849-5665

page last updated March 31, 2009