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Kelsey Ink Disks, Chases & Chase Beds

Many Kelsey Presses 
are missing critical parts that are hard to find, so we are doing something about it... but it is taking some time... and is compounded by the fact that parts from one press may not fit another press of the same size.

Below is a recent response to an inquiry regarding a 3x5 Ink Disk and a set of ink rollers... If this answers your question, it may save me a lot of time composing an explanatory email...

If not, send me a message via our contact form and I'll do my best to help.

May 19, 2018:


John -

Thanks for visiting my web site and for your inquiry - including the message via Briar Press.

Nearly all used presses benefit from new ink rollers, so there are a number of sources for them and they typically sell for just under $100 each.

I cast my own rollers and sell them for $175/set - including new matching roller trucks -

Ink disks are another story. Many presses are discovered without ink disks, chases or even chase beds. And, for just the same reason, these parts are hard to find used. And, since we can't find them; and many presses require them, I have begun to make new ones.

Making new ones takes time is is far more expensive than I would like, but until I get my own Bridgeport Milling Machine moved into the new shop and set up to use, I have little control over the costs - the costs are external, and retail prices are priced simply to cover real costs - not for profit.

I have to have the blanks cast, (by an Amish foundry in PA) wait a month or so, pay for shipping, then pay a machinist to do the finish work. I hope to be able to do that here soon, but have not finished a 3x5 disk myself - yet. Although I do have plans to usinfg my 6" lathe.

So... in the meantime - and until I can control the cost by doing the finish machining myself, I can supply you with a new disk, but I feel that it's kind of expensive...

I do have used disks, but they are already paired up with the presses they came on and will be used when I restore those presses, so any used disk I sell will have to be replaced eventually by a new one. I have made some, but do not keep them in stock, so to get you one quickly, it would be one of these that would come off another press, then be replaced by a new one when I get around to restoring that particular press.

I have had a few disks cast, and then paid to have them machined, so I know that I can offer you with these options:

3x5 DISK        $ 87.50 - used: as-is; no warranty - 50%
3x5 DISK        $130.00 - used: CLEANED, PAINTED - 75%
3x5 DISK        $ 65.00 - RAW CASTING - requires machining & may require shims for perfect fit
3X5 DISK        $175.00 - FINISHED - may also require shims to fit your press

However, since you are not in a rush, I should let you know that these costs may go down a bit once I begin doing the finish machine work myself.


Right now, I am still in the midst of moving my shop from the large barn when it had been for the past 30 years into a much smaller garage here on my own property, where I have taken over the large 2-car garage as my print shop and have converted my car port into an enclosed "3rd bay" as a dedicated Restoration Workshop.

There's room in there for the Bridgeport Milling Machine, but the Bridgeport is still over in the barn. Moving it is one issue, but the bigger problem is that itand requires 220v power, which I don't have in the garage and won't have until I can budget $2-3000 to have it installed. Until then, I'm getting by with a 220-v generator, but that's not wired up yet, either - although that requires only the time to do it; no outside expenses...

So. That's the whole story. Yes, I can supply you with rollers - easily, and yes, I supply you with a used disk, but it's not cheap. And, I can/will be able to supply you with a new disk, but it, too is currently pretty expensive and will also take some time to have ready to ship out - probably as long as 2 months.


I got your message from Briar Press, but don't recall which listing that may have been from. From time to time, I help others find new homes for their equipment by posting a listing on my web site -

And then I will sometimes place a classified ad on BP with a link to the listing on my site. But I don't remember all of them, so please let me know which post you were referring to.

And, if you want to talk about small presses, parts - or anything related, please feel free to give me a call to chat - or continue email correspondence.

If I don't answer, please leave a message and I'll get back to you at a time that's good for you. I often miss calls as I putter about - if I am out on my (very noisy) tractor in the yard - or driving...

In any case, I can likely answer most questions about these little presses and I am happy to help.

- Alan
908 627-2730

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