equipment in use at the Excelsior

A few shots comparing the Chandler & Price Old Series and New Series

6x10 Pilot Press

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Chandler & Price 6x10 Pilot -  New Series
Chandler & Price 6x10 Pilot -  Old Series
                          Pilot Press - open position Old
                          Style C&P Pilot Press - open position
C&P Pilot Press - closed position Old
                          Style C&P Pilot Press - closed position

Old Series/New Series

                  Pilot Press - Old Style and New Style - together
Comparison of the C&P & Craftsmen Pilots

Comparison of the C&P New Series Pilot and the Aluminum Pilot made for Craftsmen Machinery Company in Canada. The obvious difference is in the side frame; C&P base has bolt holes inside of the frame, while the Craftsmen clone has tabs for mounting bolts outside of the frame. Other parts differ slightly, but most parts are interchangeable. Hard to see is the major difference in the platen mounting and adjustment bolts; Crafts used a single thread pattern bolt, while C&P used a complicated double-threaded bolt.

Pilot Press Yoke Slot for locking key (lower left)
C&P Pilot Locking Key Slot

Lou's Improved Kelsey Lever Press
Improved Kelsey Excelsior Lever Open
Improved Kelsey Excelsior Closed