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How NOT to pack a Kelsey Press
UPS Fails us again!

(and two examples below of how it should be done)

March 31, 2009

When Logan bought his press, the seller took it to the local UPS franchise, assuming that they would do a good job of packing and that the press would arrive safely and intact.

Not quite....

USP Carton containing press
Doesn't look too bad from this side...

But look inside and what a mess!

Loose pieces of Styrofoam are NOT good packing materials for a 75# Cast Iron Printing press.

The carton is rated for 95 pounds
The press weighs 80 pounds
but the weight is not evenly distributed, so this rating is not relevant

USP label
Shipped by a UPS store in Mobile
We would expect "professionals" to do a good job.

Kelsey Press - broken in transit
The main drive linkage was broken.
Admittedly a weak point in Kelsey's design, it still should not be broken in transit

Damage done to Kelsey Press by poor USP Store packing
More of the damage

Kelsey Press damaged in transit
An overview of the damage done. The handle was snapped right off.
Repair will not be easy, but this is reparable.
Logan will replace the broken parts with new, beefier parts made by Lou in Rhode Island.

See the excellent examples below

crated 5x8 Kelsey press
A press well-crated by Lou in Rhode Island

Kelsey press properly crated
Another press well-crated by the pros at Don Black Linecasting in Toronto

Note the they used modified washers to improve the hold-down and inserted 1x4's on both sides to keep it from sliding side to side. The crossbar helps keep the press from falling over.

And, some notes from Jacqueline on the packing details:

"What I can tell you is that it was bolted through the crate and skid.  Since we didn't take the sides off of the crate it was tricky to loosen them and free my Kelsey.  (Let alone take any photos of!) However, we did manage, eventually!  They didn't use any strapping, they just used the slotted tabs.  It looks like they have altered the washers to fit snugly. The 1x4 are screwed into the bottom and "hugged" the press.  Then the cardboard box you see with my furniture etc kind of wedged underneath the lever then another 1x4 screwed into place to keep that from moving.  The press didn't have ANY amount of wiggle room.  It took us a while to figure out how the press was bolted to the crate."

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