Chandler & Price Hand Fed platen press
Letterpress Rescue
Chandler & Price in mid-restoration
Henderson, North Carolina

Golding "Jobber" Hand Press

note: this press has been rescued. we are leaving this page on the web site for reference.
Update 9/3/2007. This press has been rescued and restoration will be completed by its new owner.

 Jonathan Klees in Henderson, N.C. 8x 12 C&P Main frame and flywheelhas an early series 8x12 C&P in need of a new home.
He rescued it, is paying storage on it an has is torn down for restoration.

Next thing it needs is some cleaning, maybe some painting. This one appears to have been painted gray but some of these were originally painted  black with gold pinstriping (like the classic in the photo above). And then, it would need competent reassembly so that it can get back to doing what it was made for - fine letterpress printing...

It has been pretty thoroughly disassembled, and is in storage. There is surface rust on many pieces and the rocker/platen assembly looks as though it could use some wirebrushing, sandblasting or a gentle muriatic acid wash. (readily available at Home Depot)

C&P press parts - hardware
But, all in all, it looks like it's all there and all that it will need is some patience, elbow grease and thoughtful reassembly.

And, with the metal cleaned up, maybe even repainted, this press could be printing for another hundred years ~
8x12 C&P rocker/platen 8x12 C&P side arms

click on any photo to see the 640 pixel-wide original

8x12 C&P parts 8x12 C&P bed and flywheel
Reassembly of this press in your basement would make a great winter project!
8x12 C&P feelboard & safety 8x12 C&P parts

One thing is for sure - here's one 8x12 C&P that can be safely carried up or down a flight of basement stairs without a $1000 rigging bill!

Please contact Alan Runfeldt if you are interested, would need some help reassembling this press, or would like to commission a custom restoration with new paint, pinstriping and everything or have any other questions.

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