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The Baltimorean and Baltimore Printing Presses

manufactured from late 1800-19??

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Baltimore Jobber No. 4

Baltimore No.4 Printing Press

Baltimore No.4 Printing PressThe Dorman Company of Baltimore began making their Baltimorean small presses in1899. Later on, Baumgarten, also of Baltimore, copied these presses and sold them as the "Baltimore Printing Press".

Their selections rival Kelsey and Sigwalt and Daughaday. As I gather more information on these presses I'll update this page..

Our little Baltimore No. 4 came to us with box it was shipped in, so many years ago. In that box was also some type that can be used in this less-than-type-high chase. In the shop, we have some Baltimores of different sizes awaiting cataloging and restoration.

But for now, here's what we know about the Baltimore and Baltimorean Presses - with some links too other informative sites below.

First, Dorman's Baltimorean Advertisement

Baltimore Flier -

Next: Information on Baumgarten's presses when we find it....

For further reading:
Here's an interesting excerpt from the very comprehensive Dump Digger's Page:

The Dorman hand lever presses were very popular and were copied by several other companies, but the only company that went by the name of Baltimorean, was the original Dorman press. The Dorman factory was lost to the Great Baltimore Fire in 1904.

Dorman’s hand ‘Lever Presses’ as they were sometimes called at the time were very popular, and were copied closely by several other manufacturers, notably John Sigwalt of Chicago (see his Chicago No.10, which lacks only the rippled ornamentation below its lever) and Baumgarten of Baltimore, who copied nearly every aspect of Dorman’s Baltimore line, including its name. Dorman’s presses go by the name ‘Baltimorean’ while Baumgarten’s use ‘Baltimore.’

Update: 5/3/18:

Dorman Baltimore No. 4 Job Press




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