Equipment of The Excelsior

Brandtjen & Kluge
Platen Presses & Sheet Feeders
manufactured by the Brandtjen & Kluge Company of St. Paul, Minnesota - developers in 1919 of the first commercially feasible automatic feeder for a platen press.
Kluge Company Web site ~ The DC Shop Storefront
history of the Brandtjen & Kluge Company

Kluge Press Manual by Dale PrudhommeWe don't really have much on the Kluge Presses - we never operated one and don't have one in the collection. However, as Chandler & Price's main rival for many years, the Kluge is an important press to discuss and support.

And, good news for C&P owners, some of the Kluge parts  will fit on the C&P. For example, the Gripper Bolts sold for the Kluge will fit on the C&P - and you can buy them new from Dale Prudhomme.

Kluge Feeders were very popular - favored by many above the Rice Feeder supplied by C&P - and were often mounted on Chandler & Price presses.

The best resource we have found for Kluge information and Kluge Parts is Dale Prudhomme at 214-762-6088. Don sells on eBay from his store:The DC Shop Storefront

Some parts - perhaps even some presses - may also be available from the Kluge Company itself. Kluge continues to manufacture platen presses for specialty applications - foil stamping, die cutting, numbering, continuous forms, etc.  - and their web site has some interesting history about the company itself - from its founding in Minnesota in 1919. Kluge Company Web site

We welcome any additional information or links about the Kluge Platen Presses.
Please contact us if you have any information to share - or if you own and/or operate a Kluge yourself.