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Our Thanks to Steven O. Saxe - whose research found the images above - and from whom we have learned much more about the Pilot and other presses and their makers.
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The Pilot Press
was made popular by its use in just about every High School or Junior High School Print Shop in the US, from 1900 through the 1970's - is still a most popular press. Most popular, I'd say, next to the Vandercook SP15 or Model 4 Reproduction Series of proof presses.

Over the years, this press has been duplicated by Craftsmen Machinery Compay, America Printing Equipment and others. Most are direct clones of the C&P New Series Press announced in 1914 as the "New Series" model. The "Early Series" model was actually designed and manufactured as long ago as 1888... by HH Thorpe at the Cleveland Type Foundry.

We have created a number of pages about the venerable Pilot - most of which are linked to from our main page on the Pilot

But this page is about literature we have collected on the Pilot. Click on any of the thumbnails below to see full-page versions of the images - and the .pdf down below the images is a link to our main Pilot Page - with many more links...

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