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updated 11/25/2012

Chandler & Price Pilot PressThe Pilot Press, designed & manufactured by Chandler & Price in Cleveland, Ohio and later produced by both Craftsmen Machinery Company of Boston (in both Cast-Iron and Canadian-made Aluminum Models) and American Printing Equipment of New York (whose press was made in Germany), is one of the most sought-after presses in the world today.

The New Series Pilot was available with the two piece feed & delivery board assembly as shown in the C&P promo image to the left.

The Early Series Pilot appears to have come with a one-piece 6"x18" single feed board as shown in the photo below.

Early Series Chandler & Price Pilot
with Single Feed/Delivery Board
Early Series Pilot Feed Board

Note the missing left-side "wall" - and the fingers left on the back board which used to fit into the side board piece. This combination Feed & Delivery Board is 18" wide by 6" deep, with a 2 1/2" wall on the back and left side. Board is made of 3/4" plank; walls made of 3/8" wood.

New Series Chandler & Price Pilot
Original Feed & Delivery Board Assembly

New Series Pilot Feed Board
This Original C&P set comes with the factory swivel mounting kit for the 8 1/2 x 11 x 3/4" Feed Board. The Delivery Board is 3/4" board stock cut to 15 1/2" wide by 6 1/4" deep with two 2 1/4" high 3/8" board walls - on left and back. This set uses the same type of wood (planks, not plywood) as the Early Series.

Pilot Feed Table Corner
                    DetailNote detail of "finger joint" used to join "wall" corners on both style feed boards:

Flanges used as swivel
                      mountIf an original swivel mounting bracket cannot be found, an excellent swivel assembly can be made up from readily-available & inexpensive pipe flanges & nipple as shown here.
If these are used, we recommend using the Early Series' 18" wide style delivery board to allow sufficient room to add this 3" flange without losing delivery board space.
Flanges are available at Local Hardware Store, Lowe's, Home Depot

Other Solutions: Aftermarket and Home-made
C&P Pilot Press with custom-made feed
This feedboard attachment - added at The Excelsior Press - swings out to the right and can be swung back to fit snugly on top of the delivery board  when not in use.
(yes, it is a used kitchen cutting board whose corners have been rounded on the sander)

Here's another one: For the Pearl Feed Board we used a simple wooden spool as a spacer and a 1/4" bolt for the swivel shaft. It's simple and works quit well.

Feed Board Pearl #8 (5x8)

This plywood feedboard (below) was taken off another New Series Pilot. It appears to have been professionally done, but it may not have been the one that came with the press.

Pilot Press Feedboard - back view
16" overall width

                    Press Feedboard - side view

                    Press Feedboard - bottom view
3" plywood wall mounted as shown below = 3 1/2" overall height

                    Press Feedboard - front corner

                    Press Feedboard - bottom view
Position Mounting holes to fit  *your press* with feed table brackets fastened firmly to legs. Position board and cycle press to check clearances. Mark one hole with a centered pencil mark; drill and fasten one, then mark, drill and fasten other 3 holes. Drill pilot holes and use short screws from below or drill through and use flat or round-head bolts dropped through from above.

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