Equipment we have and use at the Excelsior Press

Chandler & Price Hand Fed platen press
Vandercook images courtesy of http://vandercookpress.info/
Antique Posters printed on our Antique Presses Vandercook_Model_4_Proof_Press_1946

Having the equipment is one thing, actually printing is something else altogether. And we do print at the Excelsior Press and enjoy using our antique type and presses for customer letterpress printing today. Please contact us about creating custom antique letterpress posters for you!

Poster Printed using
Antique Wood and Lead Type
Posters are printed on this 
 - 1946 Vandercook Model 4 Proof Press -
Poster printed using wood and lead type 1946 Vandercook Model 4 Proof Press
Letterpress Posters Stacked to dry

Type cases make a convenient drying rack for large posters

And, some of the other signs & posters we've printed recently
FBPA Bastille Day Sign

Town Picnic Poster

Glider Pilots Parking Sign - River Moon Film Festival
River Moon Film Festival Poster

River Moon Film Festival Poster in stand

See the video
of us printing posters for the Frenchtown Film Festival

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