Equipment in use at the Excelsior Press Museum Print Shop

Ludlow Typecasting Services
Hot Metal Casting at the Excelsior Press

We have been casting Ludlow slugs for our own use for years, and most visitors to The Excelsior Press Museum go home with their name cast in lead. We have also supplied many first-time typesetters with some common phrases as part of their starter kits, but recently, we have had more informal requests for Ludlow slugs cast to order, so here's a web page on the subject:

We will cast your text in 22.5 pica lines of any fonts in our library at the rate of
$3.00/line 18 pt & above $4.00/line below 18 points (plus metal @$5/lb).
Scanned proofs can be emailed or posted on line for review for a modest $5 proofing fee.

PLEASE NOTE: A refundable metal charge of $5.00 per pound is applied to all shipments. Shipping is by USPS flat rate box and is typically only $4.95 (2-3 day delivery in US) for however many lines that can fit into the box.

Delivery is typically within the week, but rush jobs - even overnight rush jobs - can be accomodated at times.  Please call Alan at 908 627-2730 to discuss your needs and how we can help.

   L U D L O W     F A C E S     A V A I L A B L E 

Clarendon Bold 14,18,24,30,36,48,60,72 point
Karnak Black Condensed
14, 18 point
Karnak Black
14,18,24,30,36,48 point
Karnak Black Condensed Italic
14, 18, 24 point
Cheltenham Bold Extra Condensed
Condensed Gothic #2
Record Gothic
14, 18,24,30,36,48
Cooper Black
Radiant Medium
Coronet Bold
18 point
12 point
Bodoni Bold Italic
12 point
Caslon Old Face Heavy
Caslon Italic
misc - 6-36 pt. some incomplete fonts
Lining Litho Light
misc - 12 pt 1,2,3,4 some incomplete fonts
Lining Plate Gothic (aka Copperplate) misc - 12 pt 1,2,3,4 some incomplete fonts

A partial specimen showing some of our fonts
Ludlow type specimens

Watch for a better type specimen sheet photo or scan coming soon.